PaulWhen I’m not at home in Scotland working I’m off traveling, back in 2005 I traveled round Australia for a year and also lived in New Zealand for 2 years from 2008 – 2010. I’ve completely caught the travel bug and I can’t wait for my next adventure, having spent the last 2 years back in Scotland saving it’s time for my next Journey!.

After having already traveled extensively in english speaking countries I wanted to do something far more challenging in terms of culture and language. It took a while for me to deliberate on my next destination but after much consideration have decided to travel to Japan on a Working Holiday Visa. Not only have I decided to go to Japan, I have also decided I’m going to do it without flying!.

During my time traveling I have been on probably hundreds of flights and to be honest I find it incredibly uncomfortable (unless your not in cattle class of course!) and flying lacks a sense of adventure that I crave. In light of this I decided this time round I would challenge myself, I’ll be traveling all the way from Glasgow in Scotland to Tokyo in Japan using nothing but public transport!. This will involve traveling down through the UK and across Europe to Moscow before Getting on the Trans Siberian across Russia and Mongolia before finally arriving in China, then finishing off the journey with a ferry from China to Japan.

Along the way I hope to keep my family and friends up to date using this site as well as anyone who finds my journey interesting. As well as having a love of travel I also have a passion for food and cooking, when I can I hope to let you know what I’ve been eating and even give you a few recipe’s of my own. I hope to keep you all informed of where I am and what I’m eating with updates on this site along with some photography using my trusty camera.

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